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Edgar Gang is Micky’s ex lover, Connie's other mom, Kenny's other mom & sex buddy & Spike's best friend.

Edgar's schools

1974 – 1980 Santa Monica Elementary School

1980 – 1983 Santa Monica Middle School

1983 – 1987 Santa Monica High School

Edgar's History

1969 – Edgar Gang was born in Santa Monica.

1978 – Spike moved to Santa Monica & met him.

1985 – Spike & him became sex buddies.

1989 – Edgar move to Gaysville and lived at Eastside Apts 1700 Eastside St #16.

Micky met Edgar Gang at Rainbow Love, a gay community center. Edgar finds him attractive and were soon romantic involved.

1990 – Edgar finally met the Miles kids. Kenny is pleased with him, but Connie wasn't so sure - she felt like he's after his money. Micky reassured Connie "it's not the case, we really like each other a lot!" Edgar moved to their place at 1900 Angel St.

1991 – Micky & Edgar opened their 1st club, Micky's, in the heart of the gay community. The 1st "drag club" in Gaysville was astounding success!

1993 – Micky added a big dance floor at Micky’s by knocking down a wall; next-door was an abandon flower shop. He named it "Flamboyant" within Mickys; the club only opens on the weekends.

At Micky’s Edgar gave Kenny his 1st drink. Micky saw him finished it & became outrage with Edgar, he should have known better. Micky mentioned he could loose his liquid license. Edgar saw no harm done; nobody was around. Kenny claimed the other teens are drinking, doing drugs and smoking.

Micky kicked Kenny out of the club till he turn twenty-one in 1995. According to Micky, Connie looks up to Kenny as a role model.  

1994 – Flamboyant became the most popular dance club in town, it also outgrowth its location within Micky’s by the year's end. Kenny begins drinking behind his father's back; Edgar doesn't mind one bit.

1995 – The Castle, a dance club, closed down; Micky’s is across the street. Flamboyant took its business. Edgar wants to expand the enterprise there; Micky wasn't sure. They started to fight; success went to Edgar's head.

Micky visited London for two weeks with Connie and left Edgar in charge of the clubs.
One drunken night, Edgar & Kenny realized they have more in common including Micky, who want to control their lives; they really hate him for that & wondered how to get away from his "evil" clutches. They round up kissing & had sex all night long. Edgar promised he would never treat him badly like Micky does.

Behind Micky’s back, Edgar opened his 1st club, Flaming Queen, a dance club at the old Castle. Micky was out of town for business during Flaming Queen's grand opening. Kenny made sure of that. Edgar kept the club a secret from Micky with Kenny's help!

1996 – Kenny & Edgar continued their affair; Connie accidentally saw them making out for a long time in the bedroom. She dropped her schoolbook. They tried to talk to her, which didn't go very well. How could they do this to daddy? Connie pondered. Connie knew all along that Edgar wanted daddy's money.

Kenny went along with the plan. Kenny grabbed her arm; she pulled away & fell down the stairs. They were in horror! Edgar lied about Connie & Kenny played tag, she accidentally fell down the stairs. The police & Micky believed the story. Connie & Kenny went back being close to keep an eye on her memory; he continues hating Micky behind close doors for her sake.

Kenny moved to Queen Place Apts #303 in April.

1997 – Kenny & Edgar agreed on a plan before she returns home from the hospital; she's almost fully recovery from the nasty fall. Luck was on their side, she's deadly afraid to return home. They played on her fear to the fullest. Connie woke up & screamed. Micky ran to her room; she's badly shaken. Kenny hinted she want to live in new home.

The doctor believed it's a great ideal; it may put her troublesome mind to peace. Micky & Edgar discussed its time to move on and Connie would be nicely recuperated. They moved to 8032 James Dean Drive from their Angel house. Connie really loves the new home!

Micky noticed Edgar walked out Flaming Queen, the place he doesn't know he owns, and demanded an explanation! Edgar lied "checking the competition." Micky brought that and congratulated him for a job well done; Edgar is always one step ahead.

1998 – Dr Wiggy & Patty Cobbs moved to Gaysville to be closer to Patty's "niece," Connie. Patty became very upset at Micky for not telling her about Connie; she gave her motherly right long time ago explained Micky.

Besides, Connie already haves a mom in Edgar and she's very close to Kenny; she had all the family support she can get. That's doesn't have the right to keep her in the dark, she's still family as "Aunt Patty."

Dr Wiggy want no part of the family fighting; he needs to keep his mind on his career first. Patty became furious with him too; how on God's green earth can he put his career in front of his family?

According to Dr Wiggy, he can't mess up the patience's lives & health for other people's problems, namely hers. Patty slapped him big time and hates him for being a cold-hearted bastard; Connie must come first like their kids.

Dr Wiggy pointed out that it's her ideal for the kids to be in private school and focus theirs lives on their promising careers. Their careers are the most important thing in their lives as long their jobs doesn't conflict with their home lives. Then again, Connie is her daughter and a conflict in their lives.

Dr Wiggy became Connie's doctor at Micky & Patty's request. Patty thinks it is a good ideal to know Connie on a personal level as daughter and mother.
Right now, that ideal is on hold till Connie gets better.

Connie doesn't realize Patty is her mom, but Kenny had a feeling there's something up with Patty. Kenny can't place it & would leave it up to time; he's going to watch Patty very closely. The Cobbs kids don't know Connie is their older sister.

1999 – Edgar brought the club, Land of Oz, next to Flaming Queen; the previous owner died from a heart attack. You got to wonder about Edgar! He renamed the club to Club Sleaze. The club is a hustler bar; Kenny is the bartender. Edgar & Kenny slow down the lovemaking. Their main focus is destroys the competition, namely Micky! Micky & Edgar's own clubs are popular.

Micky found out the hard way - he came upon the briefcase containing the ownership deed in Edgar's name; he was passed out after celebrating his brand new club. Kenny walked on Micky looking at the briefcase. Micky didn't believe it was his & showed him the deed. He was speechless. Edgar couldn't wake up from Micky’s pushing. Kenny explained he wanted to show him he can make it on his own with nobody's help.

Micky was outraged; he "gave him everything - love, car & home and he doesn't give a damn." Kenny tried to explain, Micky wouldn't listen anymore.

He turned his anger toward Kenny, "just like you - You don't give a damn either!" Kenny was fed up with him & took Edgar to his apartment to sleep. You would never see the both of us again promised Kenny. Micky & Edgar broke up after 10 years.

Connie hates the fighting between Edgar, Micky & Kenny. She claims both companies can survive and the family must stop drifting apart. Micky want her to stay out of the club wars and concentrated on her own life! Connie forgot the reason of the tension, the affair between of Edgar & Kenny. Micky is really in the dark like herself.

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