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A) Galaxy House, 1978 - present

"Galaxy House"
8030 James Dean
Gaysville, CA 90777
(987) 467 7584

Galaxy House was built in 1977/78 for The Weeds Family! Their last house was burned down from a lose wire in 1977.

1. Fox, Lucy & Steve Weeds were the first owners, 1978 - 1998.
Fox was gun down by unknown assassin; Steve left town with his dieing mom.

2. Vince Cooper, 1998 - present
Kim Laughlin moved in Vince's house in 2000; she 's his new adopted daughter.

It's called the "Galaxy House" for its location by the Galaxy Studios, which is owned by The Weeds. Lucy & Steve moved out after Fox's murder in the house.

Vince brought the house and property by outbidding his own brother, Les Turkus, in 1998. It caused more strains between them. Les is the owner of Galaxy Studios and truly believed the house is rightfully his.

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