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Gaysville News, the local newspaper, 1989 - Present

Gaysville News
9405 La Queen Blvd.
Gaysville, CA 90777
(987) 555 7836

The workers

1. Vince Cooper is the founder & owner, 1989 - present.

2. Eva Sullivan is a reporter, 1990 - present.

3. Rose Laughlin is a reporter, 1999 - present.

"News that matters to our community!" really lives up to its name.

Vince Cooper won numerous awards throughout the years including his staff of reporters. Gaysville News is the most influence newspaper in town and is always on top of things.

He started G News in Eva's honor. She came out of the closet in 1986, divorce her husband, Les, and gained custody of her son, Bobby Turkus to be the lesbian woman she is today! Les really hate her for leaving him for a gay lifestyle; Vince is her protector from him. Vince and Les are brothers.

Les threatened Eva and Vince came to her rescue. In 1988, Vince came up with a fabulous ideal - Defend all gays, lesbians and bisexuals in a newspaper, thus G News was borne!

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