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Vince Cooper is Bobby's "daddy," Rose's adopted daddy, Les' brother and Mary's ex lover.

Vince's schools

1966 – 1972 Hollywood Elementary School

1972 – 1975 Hollywood Middle School

Vince moved to Gaysville in the summer of 1973.

1975 – 1979 Gaysville High School

Vince's history

1961 – Vince was born in LA.

1973 – Les Turkus & Vince Cooper moved to Gaysville at 9414 Pinewood Ave. They were the Sullivan sisters' next-door neighbors.  

1977 – Les developed a major crush on the 14-year-old beauty, Eva.

Vince got his first job at Galaxy in the mailroom, like his oldest brother in 1976.

Vince & Mary started to date.

1978 – Eva Sullivan was confused about her sexuality; sees girls in a different light.

1979 – Mary realized Eva is a lesbian; Les overheard them talking & vowed Mary would pay for brainwashing her to be a lesbian. Les raped Mary on graduation night & vowed to kill her if she confesses. She was afraid & made a "mistake" about Eva. Vince couldn't make the graduation ceremony; he was at home with the flu.

Eva didn't feel right about Les; they had sex anyway that summer. Mary got pregnant, followed by Eva three months later. Mary's belly was beginning to show. She left town in November on Thanksgiving Day & left a Dear John letter to a heartbroken Vince; he believed he's the daddy. Mary told him that Eva & her got pregnant at the same time.
Vince had a hard time & turned to Tina for comfort.

1980 – Eva dropped out of school in January, pregnant & ended up married to Les for a secure future. Mary had a son in March, followed by Les & Eva's son, Bobby, in June. Eva persuaded Vince to give up the drug before it's too late and hard to stop; Les couldn't care less! What a cold hearted bastard!

Bobby needs a daddy & Vince fits the bill perfectly. He had his heart set on raising "their" son with Mary. Vince's relationship with Eva & Bobby made him a better man, which angers a jealous Les a lot. He supposed to be Bobby's daddy, not his damn brother. Vince became Bobby's Godparent.

1981 – Someone mysterious left a baby girl in Vince's care at his place to take care of the rose, her favorite flower in the world. Vince named her "Rose Laughlin." Eva became the Godparent. Thank God Vince got pass the drug problem! Now, he has two kids to raise, Bobby & Rose!

Rose & Bobby's school

1985 – 1991 Gaysville Elementary School

1991 – 1994 Gaysville Middle School

1994 – 1998 Gaysville High School

Back to Vince's History

1986 – Eva came out the dreaded closet and divorced Les. Vince was so happy that Bobby wasn't raised in a loveless marriage of Les & Eva.

1987 – Eva gained sole custody of Bobby with Vince's help. It caused more friction for Vince & Les; Vince couldn't care less!  

1989 – Vince founded Gaysville News in Eva's honor! Les believed it was out of spite against him. Yea, right!

1990 – Eva started to work for Vince as a reporter.

1995 – Eva & Bobby moved at Queen Place 654 West Damron Ave #309 in a two bedroom apt to this day. Vince sometimes stayed with them on the weekends. Rose loves spending time with them.

1998 – Bobby got his 1st job at Cup Cafe with Eva's help in late '98; Kevin Smith is Eva's best friend & Bobby's boss. The job lasted till the year of 2000; Kevin left town, his dad was sick. Then, Bobby worked for the new owner, Tess McGuire, at La Queen. A very interesting chapter for Bobby!

Vince outbid his brother for Galaxy House & its property; Les believed the house is rightfully his since he's the new owner of Galaxy Studios.

Tyron & Rose's relationship was out in the opened; Vince had a major fit! Vince claimed she's too young for him; it doesn't matter to them! They were so much in love. Vince tried his hardest to break them up including charges for statutory rape. It didn't hold up in court, they waited for her to turn 21. Tyron isn't that stupid!

A married Tyron proposed marry to Rose; she happily accepted, much to Vince's dismay & Sugar's horror. Sugar felt rejected by him. Tyron can't get a divorce shouted Sugar! Vince really likes that fantastic ideal! Rose wouldn't get marry after all.

Tyron pleaded to get a divorce, which they did. Vince & Sugar cooked up a scheme; Sugar went ahead with the operation & left town! Rose & Tyron got married the next day after Rose's graduation night. They moved in together at his house!

1999 – Tyron's career comes first; he's not ready to be a daddy. Rose wants a baby for the longest time. Rose miscarriage their baby girl; Tyron & Vince were so happy in private. Nobody seems to notice about the other work he does; Tyron knows his special customers at work. Spike moved to Gaysville to help out with Edgar's club operation; Katt stayed in New Orleans!

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