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Katt is Sugar Lips' cousin.

Katt's schools

1975 – 1981 New Orleans Elementary School

1981 – 1984 New Orleans Middle School

1984 – 1988 New Orleans High School

Katt's history

1970 – Katt was born in New Orleans, Louisiana.

1983 – Sugar Lips doesn't feel right inside about herself, something wasn't right. It cause troubles for her family, her widowed dad forced her to see a shrink. She claimed she's ok without seeing one. It's something else. He didn't believe a word she says & kicked her out for going against him. He knows what best for his only kid. She went to live with Cousin Katt; they are still estranged to this day.

1994 – Spike & Tyron went to Mardi Gras for their vacation. Katt was a drag queen performer at OZ; they were memorized by Katt's performance. Katt befriended them & introduced Sugar Lips to them. Tyron fell hard for Sugar big time & didn't want to leave New Orleans. Sugar explained she didn't want to hold him back from his job in NYC. Tyron promised to keep in touch.

The truth is Sugar didn't like the person she is; she kept that from Tyron. She wants to change to be happier. Tyron and Spike went back to their lives in NYC. Then the unexpected happened, Sugar got pregnant by Tyron. He was kept in the dark about the baby, born in November 1994. She gave up the daughter for adoption; someone close to her became the new mom.

1995 – Sugar saved up enough money for the operation, but where is the right doctor? Tyron & Sugar had a long distance relationship, while Katt & Spike maintained their friendship.

1996 – Tyron & Spike went back to New Orleans for a quick stop. He could live without Sugar any longer; she gladly accepted to move with him to Gaysville. Spike stayed to be Katt's roomie. They had a quick wedding in Las Vegas with Katt & Spike as witnesses.

1999 – Tyron's career comes first; he's not ready to be a daddy. Rose wants a baby for the longest time. Rose miscarriage their baby girl; Tyron & Vince were so happy in private. Nobody seems to notice about the other work he does; Tyron knows his special customers at work. Spike moved to Gaysville to help out with Edgar's club operation; Katt stayed in New Orleans!

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