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Thomas Warlock & Leo Tate are brothers.

Thomas' schools

1980 - 1986 Orlando Elementary School

1986 - 1989 Orlando Middle School

1989 - 1993 Orlando High School

Leo's schools

1983 - 1989 Orlando Elementary School

1989 - 1992 Orlando Middle School

1992 - 1996 Orlando High School

Leo moved with Thomas to Gaysville in 1995 and didn't finish 12th grade.

Their history

1975 - Thomas Warlock was born in Orlando, Florida.

1978 - Leo Tate was born in Orlando.

1991 - Thomas begins modeling; his 1st catwalk was a success.

1995 - Thomas decided to support Leo by going in the biz. They lived at Eastside Apts 1700 Eastside St, #13, 1995 - 1997, the apt was awful.

The Weeds met Thomas Warlock and Leo Tate at a world premiere. Steve noticed Thomas from his modeling in magazines all around the world, "the looks to be a star!"
Thomas got a supporting role in a movie. Leo is in the closet for Thomas' sake. They all became good friends.

1996 - Fox & Leo came close during Lucy's illness and both fell in love with each other. Nobody knew Fox was in the closet.

1997 - Fox offered to help Thomas & Leo to go up in life and moved from the god awful Eastside Apts by giving Thomas a 7 year movie contract. All Fox want is Leo's love. Leo happily replied. Steve almost found out about Fox & Leo's affair at their hideaway in the mountains.

1998 - Steve grew suspicious of Fox & Leo's friendship; he secretly taped them in his parents' bedroom. The hurt is his eyes couldn't come compare of his mom being in the hospital, she was all alone with nobody to love. Steve hid it from his mom; she was too weak for the scandalized affair. He vowed to protect his mom at all cost.

Thomas got the wind of Steve's hatred for them. Steve threatened their lives & admitted Lucy would be so disappointed in all of them particular Fox - her life evolved around Fox & him.

Thomas felt sorry for Lucy & developed feeling for her; they grew closer and MURDER got in the way! The media had a field day. Fox was gun down in his home by an unknown assassin; the murder is unresolved to this day. Lucy got terribly sick & Steve took away from the life in Gaysville. Les Turkus became the new president of Galaxy Studios.

2000 - Steve came back to town without his deceased mom; revenge was on his mind against Thomas & Leo. He really hates Leo the most; Leo destroyed his parents' marriage. He wants to destroy Thomas & Leo any way he can.

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