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Bobby Turkus is Rose's cousin, Vince's nephew, and Les & Eva's son.

Bobby’s Schools

1985 - 1991 Gaysville Elementary School

1991 - 1994 Gaysville Middle School

1994 - 1998 Gaysville High School

Bobby's history

1980 - Bobby was born in the same hospital as his mom.

1986 - Eva came out the dreaded closet and divorced Les. Vince was so happy that Bobby wasn't raised in a loveless marriage of Les & Eva.

1987 - Eva gained sole custody of Bobby with Vince's help. It caused more friction for Vince & Les; Vince couldn't care less!

1989 - Vince founded Gaysville News in Eva's honor! Les believed it was out of spite against him. Yea, right!

1990 - Eva started to work for Vince as a reporter.

1995 - Eva & Bobby moved at Queen Place 654 West Damron Ave #309 in a
two bedroom apt to this day. Vince sometimes stayed with them on the weekends; Rose loves spending time with them.

1998 - Bobby got his 1st job at Cup Cafe with Eva's help in late '98; Kevin Smith is Eva's best friend & Bobby's boss. The job lasted till the year of 2000; Kevin left town, his dad was sick. Then, Bobby worked for the new owner, Tess McGuire, at La Queen. A very interesting chapter for Bobby!

Vince outbid his brother for Galaxy House & its property; Les believed the house is rightfully his since he's the new owner of Galaxy Studios.

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